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Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (1)
(16 reviews)

10 Federal Self Storage - 410 Princeton Rd, Johnson City, TN 37601

Johnson City, TN 37601 (2.8 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (2)

Climate Controlled, Interior, Roll Up Door

10' x 10'


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Awesome customer service very clean easy to rent the price is the lowest in town

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (3)
(51 reviews)

Universal Storage Solutions - Boones Creek

Johnson City, TN 37615 (6 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (4)

1st Floor, Climate Controlled, Interior, Roll Up Door

10' x 10'


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(Video) Storage unit prices increase

When I needed a storage unit in a hurry, Universal helped me to efficiently get set up in a unit to help with our house move. Unit was clean and in good shape, and easy to access. When I moved out, easy to communicate with an associate who was working onsite. Price was competitive with other storage facilities in the Tri-Cities.

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (5)
(16 reviews)

Just Store It - State of Franklin Rd

Johnson City, TN 37604 (2.3 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (6)

1st Floor, Climate Controlled, Interior, Light in Unit, Premium Location, Roll Up Door
FIRST MONTH 25% OFF 12 Month Rate Lock Guarantee!

10' x 10'


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Online not good, in person went smoothly.

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (7)
(17 reviews)

Just Store It - Milligan Hwy

Johnson City, TN 37601 (2.3 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (8)

Drive Up Access, Light in Unit, Roll Up Door
FIRST MONTH 25% OFF 12 Month Rate Lock Guarantee!

10' x 10'


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Very good except it took around fifteen minutes before someone realized I was waiting for assistance and came into the office

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (9)
(5 reviews)

(Video) Old Storage Unit Owner Tries To Buy Back Her Abandoned Storage Unit At Locker Auction / Storage Wars

Just Store It - West Market St

Johnson City, TN 37604 (3.5 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (10)

Drive Up Access, Light in Unit, Roll Up Door
FIRST MONTH 25% OFF 12 Month Rate Lock Guarantee!

10' x 10'


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Quick and easy to set up. Friendly service.

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (11)
(12 reviews)

10 Federal Self Storage - 9951 Airport Pkwy, Kingsport, TN 37663

Kingsport, TN 37663 (14.4 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (12)

Climate Controlled, Interior, Roll Up Door

5' x 20'


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I was paying 10federal to store my car beginning in May 2020 when they took over the Kingsport facility. In Oct 2021, a towing company removed my car; the towing company claims they received an order to do so via a text from a 10federal manager. I wrote this manager directly and she replied with a copy pasted PR template.Bills at the time were properly paid, withdrawn automatically from my bank. I receive numerous emails from 10federal; my address and phone is written on every bill; I have given them my license plate over the phone. They have adequate access to my information, yet unfortunately I did not receive any warnings beforehand about a problem with my car that would have warranted disposing of it.Most likely, 10federal was automatically withdrawing money from my account each month for over a year, but not keeping track of what car I was paying to have stored, despite me giving my vehicle information to their call service.In comparison, the towing company is run by competent people who figured out who the car belonged to and sent me a registered letter immediately. If 10federal were as diligent in keeping track of customers' property and looking up the license plate information that I had provided over the phone, they would have known that the car belonged to a paying customer, and saved me a $650 impound bill.

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (13)
(2 reviews)

A Place For Stuff

Gray, TN 37615 (9.7 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (14)

(Video) Elderly Woman Dies & Kids DON'T Want Storage Unit? ~ Mom paid on Abandoned Storage Locker for YEARS!

Interior, Roll Up Door

10' x 10'


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One of the cleanest storage facilities I've seen, great customer service, average pricing. Overall I'd rate this storage facility 4.7/5 stars.

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (15)
(2 reviews)

StorageMax Interstate

Johnson City, TN 37604 (2.7 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (16)

3rd Floor, Interior, Roll Up Door

10' x 10'


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Ssm was a great help. Very friendly and facility is clean and had easy access

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (17)
(2 reviews)

Wide Open Spaces Johnson City

Johnson City, TN 37604 (4.4 miles away)

Johnson City TN Self Storage Units & Local Facilities (18)

Humidity Controlled, Interior, Roll Up Door, Stacked Skybox/Mezzanine Unit

10' x 10'


(Video) A five star moving help in Asheville NC LOVE Storage in Johnson City Tennessee

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The gentleman was very nice and very helpful.

Average rating 4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews

24 Hour Self Storage 301 Buffalo Street, Johnson City, TN 37604 423-232-7511

Advanced Self Storage 114 Onion Ln, Johnson City, TN 37601 423-928-5551

Attic Self Storage 2727 Highway 11 E, Telford - Johnson City, TN 37690 423-913-2884

Boones Creek Storage 1788 Old Gray Station Rd, Johnson City, TN 37615 423-328-8713

J & L Mini Storage 365 Carr Ln N, Fall Branch - Johnson City, TN 37656 423-348-7720

Just Store It 3401 West Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604 423-454-4826

Just Store It! 1336 Milligan Hwy, Johnson City, TN 37601 423-375-4391

Just Store It! 904 N State of Franklin Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604 423-358-2477

Princeton Self Storage 515 Princeton Road, Johnson City, TN 37601 423-430-8455

Roan Street Storage 912 N Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601 423-900-8040

Storage Max Self Storage 3304 Browns Mill Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604 423-425-9467

Universal Storage Solutions - Boones Creek 100 Lab Connect Ln, Johnson City, TN 37615 423-328-7215

Finding and renting self storage facilities in Johnson City, Tennessee is now easier through MoversCorp. We provide the convenience of reserving affordable storage units online or by phone. No credit card or long-term contract is required. Consider us as your solution for finding and reserving storage facilities throughout Tennessee.The cheapest storage unit in your local area does not always mean it is the best option for you. Please consider the following factors when selecting a storage unit in Johnson City, Tennessee.

  • Storage unit's rates are based on a few features such as 24/7 access, climate control, facility security, location, and overall demand in your area.
  • For household goods, the most common storage unit sizes are 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, and 10X15.
  • Self-storage units rents are month to month.
  • Whether a facility offers climate controlled or only a drive up unit. That will also determine the monthly rent. Usually, storage units which are climate controlled are more expensive than drive up units.
  • Most locations have digital keypad access and they provide you with your own personal access code to the storage facility. Check with the office for availability.
  • Check for online reviews and recommendations.
  • Ask the office about the preventive security measures for safeguarding the location.

Are there free storage deals in Johnson City, Tennessee?

For new customers, many storage facilities run promotions like the first month is free. Search by your zip code or distance to locate storage units that come with the first month free and other decent storage discounts.

How do I find the cheapest storage in Johnson City?

You can sort by price, from low to high, to find affordable options on our website. Away from the center of the city, you have a better chance of finding inexpensive storage solutions. The size and amenities that the facility offers also affect the monthly price.

What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor unit?

You have easy access to your unit when it is an outdoor unit. If the unit is indoors, you must first enter the building to get to it.

What is the difference between office hours and gate hours?

The property's operating hours are during office hours. The store manager will be on duty during these times to help you with your storage questions. The gate hours determine when you can enter the property and use your unit.

Storage units near Johnson City, TN

Bristol, VA

Mountain City
Hendersonville, NC

(Video) Storage Units in Johnston, RI - Extra Space Storage

Mills River, NC
Swannanoa, NC
Waynesville, NC


What are the 4 types of storage facilities? ›

Here are the four basic types of storage from which to select, along with the reasons to use each.
  • 1) Climate-Controlled Self Storage. ...
  • 2) Non-Climate Controlled Self Storage. ...
  • 3) Portable Container Storage. ...
  • 4) Information Management Service.
Jul 9, 2011

What are the three main types of storage facilities? ›

Storage facilities fall into three categories: mechanized warehouses, manual warehouses, and storerooms.

How many bedrooms can fit in a 10x10 storage unit? ›

A 10x10 unit is a good size for the stuff found in two bedrooms, an entire family room or a modest one- or two-bedroom apartment. A few large appliances and pieces of large furniture can easily be stored in a 10x10 storage unit as well as mattress sets, desks, couches, dining room sets and multiple boxes.

Which storage is cheapest in cost? ›

Who has the lowest prices in the self-storage industry? Extra Space Storage has the lowest prices in the self-storage industry. In addition to having a wide variety of sizes, Extra Space Storage also has more than 150 million square feet of nationwide storage space.

What are the two main types of storage units? ›

There are two types of storage devices used with computers: a primary storage device, such as RAM, and a secondary storage device, such as a hard drive. Secondary storage can be removable, internal, or external.

What is the difference between an inside and outside storage unit? ›

Larger Unit Sizes

With outdoor storage, there are less limitations on storage unit sizes and what items you can store inside them. This is because outdoor storage units are often larger than indoor, which can be a benefit for visitors that are looking for larger storage capacity and capability.

What are small storage units called? ›

When looking for self storage locations, you may find that they are sometimes called mini storage or cell storage.

What are the most common types of storage? ›

There are three main categories of storage devices: optical, magnetic and semiconductor. The earliest of these was the magnetic device. Computer systems began with magnetic storage in the form of tapes (yes, just like a cassette or video tape). These graduated to the hard disk drive and then to a floppy disk.

Will a queen mattress fit in a 5x10 storage unit? ›

Due to the dimensions of a 5' x 10' self storage unit, both a king and a queen mattress can fit inside. You can actually store a king mattress and the included box spring with room to spare.

Can a 5x10 storage unit hold a couch? ›

Yes! Your couch can fit into a 5x10 storage unit.

How can I get free storage for free? ›

Here are seven of the best free cloud storage services that you can use to keep your files online.
  1. OneDrive. You get 5GB of free online storage with OneDrive. ...
  2. Dropbox. It seems like everyone has a Dropbox account, but you only get 2GB for free. ...
  3. Google Drive. ...
  4. Sync. ...
  5. pCloud. ...
  6. Amazon Drive.
Jan 20, 2022

Where can I get free unlimited storage? ›

Best Free Unlimited Online Cloud Storage Providers
NameFree StorageSupported Platforms
Internxt10GBiOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux
Sync5GBiOS, Android, Windows and Mac
Icedrive10GBiOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux
Mega20GBiOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux
1 more row
Dec 7, 2022

How can I get free full storage? ›

  1. Close apps that don't respond. Android manages the memory that apps use. You don't usually need to close apps. ...
  2. Uninstall apps you don't use. If you uninstall an app and need it later, you can download it again. ...
  3. Clear the app's cache & data. You can usually clear an app's cache and data through your phone's Settings app.

What is the most reliable storage type? ›

SSD Reliability Factors to Consider. Generally, SSDs are more durable than HDDs in extreme and harsh environments because they don't have moving parts such as actuator arms. SSDs can withstand accidental drops and other shocks, vibration, extreme temperatures, and magnetic fields better than HDDs.

What are 6 characteristics to consider before selecting a storage device? ›

Data Storage Device: What To Consider When Buying One?
  • Storage Capacity. Capacity refers to the amount of data that a data storage device can handle. ...
  • Transfer Speed and Performance. ...
  • Cache Space. ...
  • Access Times. ...
  • Data Safety. ...
  • External Storage.
Oct 7, 2021

What are the five storage facilities? ›

Storage Facilities and Methods
  • Store building.
  • Silos.
  • Crib.
  • Underground grain storage pit.
  • Drum.
  • Can.
  • Bags and sacks.
  • Hermetic method.
Feb 3, 2022

Which storage medium is fastest and expensive? ›

Overview of Physical Storage Media
  • Cache: most costly and fastest form of storage. ...
  • Main Memory (MM): the storage area for data available to be operated on. ...
  • Flash memory: EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory). ...
  • Magnetic-disk storage: primary medium for long-term storage.

What are the 8 units of storage? ›

Units of storage
Megabyte1024 kilobytes
Gigabyte1024 megabytes
Terabyte1024 gigabytes
Petabyte1024 terabytes
3 more rows

What are the first 8 units of storage? ›

Computer Storage Units Smallest to Largest
  • Bit is an eighth of a byte* ...
  • Byte: 1 Byte. ...
  • Kilobyte: 1 thousand or, 1,000 bytes. ...
  • Megabyte: 1 million, or 1,000,000 bytes. ...
  • Gigabyte: 1 billion, or 1,000,000,000 bytes. ...
  • Terabyte: 1 trillion, or 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. ...
  • Petabye: 1 quadrillion, or 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes.
Mar 27, 2009

What should you not leave in a storage unit? ›

What you can't put in a storage unit
  • Food.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Stolen and illegal goods.
  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Living items (and dead ones)
  • Wet items.
  • Priceless and irreplaceable items.
  • Money.
Jun 7, 2021

What not to put in an outside storage unit? ›

10 Things You Shouldn't Put in a Storage Unit
  • Perishables. Food and perishable items have a shelf life and shouldn't be put in a storage unit. ...
  • Strong Smells. ...
  • Cash or Currency. ...
  • Nonoperational Vehicles. ...
  • Radioactive Equipment. ...
  • Hazardous Materials. ...
  • Ammunition & Firearms. ...
  • Electronics.
Jan 11, 2018

Do storage units get moldy? ›

Anything within your storage unit can become vulnerable if moisture begins to grow. Mold, mildew, corrosion, and rust are all common issues that sometimes occur together. All of those problems can be potentially dangerous for your stored items.

What is a 5x10 storage unit look like? ›

A 5x10 self storage unit is a 5 feet wide and 10 feet long small storage solution, totaling 50 square feet. For comparison, a 5x10 space is a small storage unit that's about the size of an average walk-in closet. Many units have an 8-foot ceiling, giving you up to 400 cubic feet of storage space.

What are standard size storage units? ›

What is the average storage unit size? The average storage unit size is approximately 10 x 10 feet (or 100 square feet). These medium-sized units cost around $150 per month and can often fit belongings from 1 to 3 bedrooms.

What is the smallest storage unit on a hard drive? ›

A sector is the smallest physical storage unit on the disk, and on most file systems it is fixed at 512 bytes in size. A cluster can consist of one or more consecutive sectors – commonly, a cluster will have four or eight sectors.

What is the longest lasting form of storage? ›

M-Disc. The M-Disc is an optical archival media storage media that the company says can “preserve photos, videos, music, and documents for 1,000 years or more.” That's quite a claim and is clearly only theoretical.

What is the most useful storage device? ›

Hard disk drives (HDD) are the most popular data storage devices for home and business users. Hard drives are portable and affordable storage devices.

What is the newest and fastest type of storage? ›

SATA hard drives are incredibly fast compared to their predecessor, the PATA hard drive, and can write to the disk with an interface rate of 6 Gb/s with a throughput of 600 MB/s. A single drive can range from 500 GB to 16 TB and are available at a lower cost than any of the other drive types discussed here.

What are the 5 storage areas? ›

There are 5 principle kinds of warehouse storage:
  • Pallet racking.
  • Shelving.
  • Mobile shelving.
  • Multi-tier racking.
  • Mezzanine flooring.
Aug 10, 2016

What are 4 main types of secondary storage? ›

Initially, it referred to a class of non-volatile media that could store data without always being connected to power. Secondary storage might include hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), optical disks, USB flash drives, floppy disks or other devices.

What are 4 main types of secondary storage give examples? ›

Typical secondary storage devices include magnetic tape drives, magnetic disk drives, compact optical disk drives, and archival storage devices such as disk jukeboxes.

What is 5x5 storage? ›

A 5x5 self storage unit is 5 feet wide and 5 feet long, totaling 25 square feet — comparable to a large closet. Many of our 5x5 storage units have 8-foot ceilings, providing roughly a total of 200 cubic feet of packing space. Check with your local Public Storage facility for exact dimensions on 5x5 units.

How long can you keep in freezer? ›

The short time limits for home-refrigerated foods will help keep them from spoiling or becoming dangerous to eat. The guidelines for freezer storage are for quality only—frozen foods stored continuously at 0 °F or below can be kept indefinitely.

What are the different storages available? ›

Data can be recorded and stored in three main forms: file storage, block storage and object storage.


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